Welcome to Value Capital Partners!

We are an investment partnership firm with deep roots in the safe, time-tested and highly successful “Value investing" philosophy of Warren Buffett.

We apply the Value philosophy to Indian markets. Our work is to preserve and grow capital at high return. We invest in Indian stocks and real estate.

We are different. We think differently. We behave differently. We out-perform.

Our investment approach emphasizes:

1) Safety (avoiding permanent loss of capital), and

2) Compounding money at high return over the long term.

We aim to generate returns much higher than any "passive stock market index" over any rolling 5 year period. Our target is to compound money at more than 20% p.a.

To achieve that, we do our own independent research. Our research is fundamentals driven, bottom-up, and applies the time-tested principles of Value investing and Behavioral finance. Our solid performance is driven by our research.

Our EDGE comes from:

  • our "Checklist and Process driven" investing
  • How we think about stocks, valuing businesses, markets, and managing risk

Our Core Values and Ethics:

Our 5 core values are:

  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Rationality
We put client interests first always. Our Core Values and Ethics reflect in the way we think, behave, communicate, and deal with our partners. We are fair, honest, simple, clear and rational in all our dealings.

We ensure:

  • No conflicts of interest (truly un-biased advice)
  • Perfectly aligned interests (we make money only when our partners do)
  • No perverse incentives

We follow the CFA Institute Code of ethics and Standards of professional conduct.

Value is our DNA.

  • We practice Value investing.
  • We focus on intrinsic value per share, and growth in intrinsic value per share
  • We live our core values every day.